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How Unifi Works

Unifi Programs bring together teams of students who work to educate their communities and build leadership skills

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unifi?

Unifi is a nonprofit which matches college students with involvement opportunities on campus, where they are given the opportunity to educate others on important topics that are relevant to their major.

Our Unifi Programs have something for everyone — from President to General Body member — allowing anyone to participate and build their leadership skills.

Who is eligible for a Unifi program?

Any currently-enrolled student at a U.S-based college or university is eligible to participate in a Unifi program.

What kind of time-commitment is required for a Unifi program?

Our teams usually meet once per month during the semester. Executive board members will need to meet outside of this, but overall you can expect to dedicate the same amount of time as you would to any other student group on campus.

I only see three programs — when will you have more?

Stay tuned! We are always expanding our program offerings.

I am enrolled in a U.S-based school but am living abroad. Can I still apply?

Yes! All you need is a solid internet connection that can handle video conferencing.