The Unifi Board of Directors has elected Diego Felix, product manager at The Walt Disney Company, as a director, effective immediately. Mr. Felix’s election brings Unifi’s total board membership to 9.

“Diego has a relentless focus on quality, technology and, most importantly, people,” said Michael Gosiker, co-founder and chairman, Unifi. “His ability to adapt to a changing technological landscape makes him a great fit for the Unifi Board.”

“I am honored to be associated with such a meaningful organization as Unifi,” Mr. Felix said. “Over the past year, the Unifi team has grown significantly and began to stake its claim as the world’s premier student organization — starting with spreading essential knowledge on personal finance that everyone can benefit from. I look forward to helping contribute to the company’s ongoing efforts as we work to educate, inform and inspire America's young minds.”

Mr. Felix is a product manager for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products within their eCommerce segment. In his role, he partners with stakeholders across the company to track digital projects from ideation to completion. This involves prioritizing various user enhancements, defects and other modifications which make their way to the Disneyland and Walt Disney World websites and applications.

Mr. Felix holds a bachelor's degree in Informatics from the University of California — Irvine.

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Unifi, together with its affiliates, is a U.S-based university group which operates a nationwide network of student organizations.

The mission of Unifi is to educate, inform and inspire students on their path to economic freedom — led by the creative minds, dedicated volunteers and innovative performances that make ours the world's premier university group.

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