The Internal Revenue Service has designated Gator Credit Initiative as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This grants the UF-student-run company full tax-exemption and allows for tax-deductible contributions from corporations, individuals and more.

“This is a tremendous step forward for our dedicated team of UF students and alumni. It marks the beginning of an important chapter in our Companies’ history and allows us to expand our operations in North Florida,” said Michael Gosiker, Co-founder and Chairman of Gator Credit Initiative. “We are incredibly proud and humbled to carry this new designation.”

The year 2018 has been significant to GCI for other reasons. The organization went from just four members to now having a staff of 26 – including Vice Presidents, Directors and the Board.

“It is all hands on deck right now,“ said Hunter Shaw, Vice President of Finance at GCI. “I am very optimistic about what the future holds for our organization. As my finance colleagues and I oversee our efforts to raise capital, public charity status bolsters our ability to attract corporate donors. It definitely changes the game for us.”

Shaw, who has a team of five finance directors under him, continues to look for creative ways to grow GCI.

“2019 will be quite exciting for us. We are exploring unique avenues for raising funds beyond the traditional non-profit route,” he said. “Stay tuned!”

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