Gator Credit Initiative has rebranded as Unifi and will begin working to expand its operations to universities in all 50 states, it was announced today by Michael Gosiker, co-founder and chairman of Unifi, and Selyne Singh, co-founder and director.

“Today is a very special day for all of us here at Unifi,” said Mr. Gosiker. “Not only because this new chapter represents countless hours of planning and collaboration, but because it is an illustration of the sheer commitment our team has to furthering our mission.”

Unifi had previously launched a summer internship program and recruited 14 UF students to assist with an expansion in the state of Florida, but plans were changed amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“Nothing could have prepared us for the unprecedented challenges the world is facing in the year 2020,” said Ms. Singh. “Despite the struggles and uphill battles, we knew the only way forward was to find the light at the end of the tunnel — and that translated to GCI expanding in ways we never imagined just a few short months ago.”

For nearly five years, GCI has been educating students at the University of Florida on important financial topics such as credit cards, interest rates and loans. Over that time, the company had celebrated a number of milestones, including gaining 501(c)(3) status and growing its team to over twenty people.

“We’ve developed a system that is quite effective at engaging our students, and remarkably simple and scalable,” said Mr. Gosiker. “We are setting ambitious goals to bring Unifi to additional college campuses by the end of this year, and are committed to doing so in a way that showcases our meticulous quality standards that we have become known for.”

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