Unifi marked an important milestone today as its Unifi Finance Program expanded to four universities across North America: the University of Illinois — Urbana-Champaign, Indiana University — Bloomington, University of Tennessee — Knoxville and the University of Florida.

“It is quite an exciting time for us here at Unifi as we celebrate the commencement of our Unifi Finance Program at four highly-respected institutions,” said Sidnie Semich, President of Unifi Finance Programs. “We are proud of how our programs have been received and look forward to expanding further in our quest to educate and inform students on these ever-important topics.”

The Unifi Finance Program is a leadership development experience which guides university students to learn and teach personal finance in their communities through public presentations.

“Leading a Unifi group on campus has been an extremely rewarding experience right out of the gate,” said Ashna Gupta, President of the Unifi Finance Program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. “We have already begun to educate students on financial principles that are life-changing for so many of those who participate in this program.”

According to the company, there are plans to expand the finance program to additional universities all across the United States.

“Looking beyond the leadership experience that this program offers, I am touched by our constant focus on leveling the playing field in the world of personal finance,” said Ms. Gupta. “That is what truly makes the Unifi Finance Program special, and I am honored to play a part in this.”

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